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Economic Development and the Environment
The economic development in the societies of the world has taken a great toll on the natural world that we live in. We must all wake up to the fact that our environment is in trouble, and try to find ways to undo the damage caused to it.


Environmental Aspect
The identification of environmental aspects is an important step towards recognizing their impacts on our planet. This proves helpful in setting and formulating objectives, targets, and other programs that may be directed towards solving environmental problems.


Environmental Aspect and Impact
In the study of environment, it is essential to identify each possible environmental aspect and impact of it on our surroundings. The various environmental aspects each have a number of different impacts on the environment. Potential impacts must also be identified.


The Source of Pollution
Pollution has greatly damaged our planet and continues to do so. There are different kinds of pollutants, each of which come from different sources. It is essential to identify the sources of the various pollutants, in order to be able to formulate a policy to eliminate them.


Evidences of Environmental Effects
Most of the actions that we undertake as a result of living in an industrialized society affects the environment in a number of ways. It is therefore necessary to be aware of the consequences of our actions on the environment that we live in.


Global Environmental Problem
The global environmental problem is a growing concern, and needs to be attended to immediately. Spreading awareness of environmental problems, and responding to them without delay is absolutely necessary to deal with the global problem effectively.


Environmental Policy Targets
Environmental policy targets are an integral part of any environmental policy. There are a number of issues of significance that have to be considered when formulating environmental policy targets and objectives. Environmental objectives might be dedicated to tasks like reduction of waste and elimination of pollutants among others.


Environmental Management Plan
There are several kinds of environmental management plans and programs dealing with different aspects of the environment. The problem of efficiently disposing of solid wastes is a major problem. In this article is discussed an environment management program for solid waste disposal.

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